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A GREAT domain name is a tremendous asset to your business, or a terrific investment. If you’ve been searching but want something affordable, you’re in the right place.

The domain name, Home-Remedies-That-Work,com, would be perfect for all manner of herbal cures and remedy information and sales, as well as for affiliate marketing for products that align with the domain.. Or even a personal blog by an herbalist or someone knowledgeable in this area.



If you have an interest in this domain, use the Contact Form to make an offer or call us at 1-800-525-9492. We accept most reasonable offers because we are more interested in moving great domains to great end users and investors than we are in getting rich

So go ahead and name the price you’d like to pay. If we can accept your offer, we will. If we can’t accept your offer, we will let you know right away. We accept 70% or more of the offers we receive! Try us.

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Ownership can usually be transferred within hours after payment is received.
The whole process can be handled through escrow if desired, though for domains such as this we rarely find that necessary and prefer to use PayPal, which we have found to have sufficient safeguards for both parties and is much faster.
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Here’s how it works

Once payment has been made, we will contact you with instructions asking your to simply open a free account at the domain name registrar named in our instructions.
Once that’s done we’ll “push” the domain name to your account and set the DNS (domain name servers) to your server or hosting company.
The whole process can usually be completed within 24 hours. Or less.

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